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Posted on: June 20, 2014

It’s Friday, I have my Highland hoodie on, and it is time to party! Well, it’s technically 2 1/2 hours from time to party, but it’s so close I can taste it…

But first, some business. No matter how hard I try, I seem to be unable to post on a regular basis. Excuses! Excuses everywhere! But, to try and slay my laziness dragon (like a luck dragon, only even MORE stoned acting), I’m going to give this a shot, since it won’t be very time intensive and will give those who would like to join in some fun beer activities a chance to join us!

Welcome to my new weekly post “weekend wanderlust.” I will be posting events we are attending, breweries/taprooms we are going to be visiting, and other things that look cool that we may not have the money time to indulge in. This is by no means a replacement of the comprehensive list put together by the ever astonishing Dave over at Fermentedly Challenged, but more of a list of what we personally are doing and/or think look like fun.

So, I suppose I should stop with the chatter and get down to it.

Trouble I am getting into this weekend

Friday June 20th:

Diebolt Brewing is hosting a play in their brewhouse tonight, tomorrow, and next weekend at 7pm titled “Dead Drunk” by Shakesbeer. It is being billed as a theatrical event wrapped up with a drinking game. Little fun fact about me: I was a Theatre major in college, so I have a bit of a soft spot for the ol’ Bard and any parody of his works. That it includes a drinking game (and specifically invites you to pregame the show) is pretty freaking rad. I love when breweries step outside of the keg with quirky, weird, fun events like this. I will be attending tonight with the Bearded Brewer and three of our friends, so it should be a right rowdy time.

Saturday June 21st:

We live in the foothills, but tend to avoid going up I-70 much past Idaho Springs if we can at all help it because of yuppies and traffic. However, this weekend is the Lake Dillon Beer Festival, and as our friends snagged a hotel room up there, we figured that we would invite ourselves along. The fest features 25 breweries (most you’d expect, with some wildcards thrown in there) as well as live music. Now, I am not a huge fan of concerts. They are loud, crowded, and the beer is pricey a (usually) sucks. Live music at outdoor beer fests, however, is almost a requirement. It adds such a great atmosphere, gives you something to wander over to when you need a break, and makes you feel like you’re getting a seriously good deal on your ticket. The Lake Dillon Beer Fest is only $30 for entrance, which isn’t bad at all, especially since it runs from 1-5pm with music continuing until 9pm. There is also an after party at Pug Ryan’s, home of my favorite dunkel.

Sunday June 22nd:

We are a bit torn on what to do this day. I will be waking up with a wicked hangover and the Bearded Brewer will be way too perky for the day after a beer fest, so we will have to weigh our options carefully. There is the Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest at Keystone which sounds super fun, but is also a wee (wee wee) spendy. Chain Reaction Brewing  opens on Saturday, and I would love to make the journey down The Hill to check them out since (A) visiting new breweries is super fun, (B) they are right by one of our best friend’s houses, and (C) another brewery to add to the list! Or we could do some housework (that is not going to happen). The Front Range is our oyster (stout)!

Other things going on that sound fun as crap

Rails & Ales (no, not that one) is going on in Alamosa. A lot of great breweries are going to be there, and we have heard that it is one of a small handful of fests not to be missed. We are, of course, missing it. LGT the 2015 site, as 2014 is sold out.

As I mentioned above, Chain Reaction Brewing opens on Saturday. They will have all 16 taps filled for their opening, including a special edition Creme Brulee Imperial Stout. I swear to geebus that if there isn’t some left on Sunday, I am just going to… to… drink something else, but still, I really want some. They will also have their IPA, pale ale, orange cream ale, pink peppercorn saison, red ale, Belgian rye stout, lemon IPA, rye IPA, American pale wheat, blonde ale, black IPA with anise and orange peel, barleywine, oatmeal brown ale, English mild, amber ale, and cilantro serrano lime wheat. Now, while I may never be able to forgive them for polluting a chili beer with cilantro, the soapiest of all herbs, the rest of their lineup sounds wonderful. Oh – and this place is running on just a one BBL system, so suck it bigger breweries who claim they “can’t” open with more than four beers on tap! (I jest… I jest…)

It’s not happening this weekend, but Salida Brewer’s Rendezvous, our favorite Colorado beer fest is selling tickets prior to the event for the first time ever! General tickets are $35 and VIP are $65. Since VIP comes with a shirt and a bunch of other perks, I would recommend grabbing that one. Bonus: I don’t have to sit in that hot-ass line for three hours for tickets! Let’s go fishin!!!!!! Grab your tickets while you can and we’ll see you there on July 12th!

That’s what we are up to this weekend (more or less). What kind of debauchery are you indulging in?

Footnote: Google's spellcheck wanted me to change the word Brulee to Bruegel. That, far and away, is the greatest spellcheck ever. 


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