weekend wanderlust July 4th

Posted on: July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Have fun, be safe, and try to not burn anything down (especially our forests… please…)

Sorry about no weekend review this week. I had a bout of gastroenteritis and was pretty much miserable all weekend, so I didn’t really feel up to writing. But here’s a quick overview:

  • Visit #2 to Chain Reaction proved solid.
  • The Jockey nearly died eating a potato. Luckily, Too Tall was on hand to save him. Seriously, that happened.
  • Beryl’s Beer (#246) grand opening was a weird mixed bag. Their Wold Bier was good, but otherwise their beers were not ready for primetime. Come on guys it’s okay to wait to open. We will forgive you.
  • Renegade’s 3rd Anniversary party was hot and packed. If I wasn’t on the verge of death, I bet it would have been great.
  • It was nice to see Dustin of The Brewtography Project and catch up. Dustin is my favorite beer-oriented photog, and once he has stuff to sell, you should buy it.
  • Hops & Harley’s new venue was a vast improvement and it seems like it was a raging success for National Mill Dog Rescue. Plus, I got to meet both Harley and Teddy. It was rad.
  • City Star Brewing did a great job hosting Hops & Harley. Not only do these folks brew damned fine beer, they are also ridiculously nice.
  • Berthoud Brewing (#247). Great stories behind their space (basically a bunch of materials from an old Coors traincar), but only two beers on, and neither was any better than a homebrew. Super friendly folks, though, which makes criticism hard. See my comments about Beryl’s.
  • 300 Suns (#248). I can’t say much about the beers as, by that point, my body was in full-out revolt. The Bearded Brewer says that he enjoyed them, so we will go back. Proprietor Dan was very friendly and gave us a behind-the-scenes peek at their operation. I feel bad that I wasn’t my usual sassy self. But imminent death will do that to ya.

Now on to this weekend.

Trouble I am getting into this weekend

July 4th

Avoiding all major roadways – especially those westbound – like the plague. We were up in Estes Park for a wedding yesterday and hit I-70 from Peak-to-Peak around 10:20, and there was complete gridlock on westbound starting well before the El Rancho exit. That is what I call a highway full of nope.

July 5th

It really depends on if it insists on being ridiculously hot still. If so, I’m going to be spending the day laying on my bed, with the lights off, and the box fan pointed at me on full-blast.

July 6th

My guess is that eastbound roads will be as bad, if not worse, than westbound were on Thursday and Friday. So it might be yet another day at home. Geez, this weekend will be BORING.

What trouble are you all getting in to? Anything that will draw me out of my general reluctance to deal with anything hot and/or crowded?

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