The Bruery is splitting brands

Posted on: June 4, 2014

From an email sent out The Bruery Society members earlier today (6/4/2014):

The Bruery™ is excited to announce the formation of Bruery Terreux, a new brand that will focus solely on farmhouse-style ales fermented with wild yeasts as well as oak-aged sour ales. The Bruery’s original brand, will rededicate its focus specifically on experimentation with non-wild ales, modern twists on classic styles and aging beer in bourbon and other spirit barrels.

Bruery Terreux, which translates to “Earthy Bruery”, first and foremost takes inspiration from the earth, presenting flavors in as natural of a way as possible, as nature intended. Wort will be brewed on The Bruery’s brand new GEA CRAFT-STAR brewhouse and then transported to their own facility a few miles down the road. All fermentation, barrel aging and packaging will take place at this second facility. A brand new Bruery Terreux tasting room will also be opened at this location in late 2015 where customers will have the chance to enjoy Bruery Terreux’s offerings in a unique setting.

Current brands from The Bruery that are brewed with wild yeasts or bacteria such as Saison Rue, Oude Tart, or Hottenroth Berliner Weisse, will be transitioned to Bruery Terreux. The recipes will remain the same, but will be overseen by wild beer specialists and will be bottled under the new branding. Exciting new beers will also be added to Bruery Terreux’s lineup.

More details will follow over the coming months. As this project is subject to approval from the City of Anaheim and the California Department of Alcoholic Beverages, details are subject to change. Please follow Bruery Terreux on Facebook, twitter and instagram for late breaking developments.

For the time being, the benefits that you receive as a Society member will not be changing at all, but there may be some tweaks to the program in 2015 which will be to your benefit. Of course, you’ll be the first to know when anything changes. For now you can keep on enjoying your beer as usual.

I do think the Bruery’s brand has been overtaken by their wild line of beers, and I like that they have decided that they can make a bigger impact on the industry with this split. It should be interesting to see if this involves a re-branding of both sides and/or if this will be the kind of split we see with Port/Lost Abbey.

We anxiously await more news.

How do Society members feel about this change? How do beer drinkers feel about it?

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