guilty pleasures

Posted on: June 8, 2014


It’s raining. RAINING. We were just at Mu Brewing and enjoyed our beers with the shriek of the tornado sirens serenading our stay. We have moved on to Coda Brewing and it is still raining. I love this weather. Gloomy, chilly perfection. My heart lives in Seattle, it appears.

Days like this remind me of my brother’s swim meets when I was growing up. Early morning, frosted breath, our baby blue comforter wrapped around me while I shiver and shudder, chlorinated pool spray in my face. I remember it always being dark and cloudy and so, so chilly.

Sometimes I would be able to slip into my suit and go swimming after the meet. The water was warmer than the air, but my body pretended not to know that. I would pull myself out of the pool, peel off my swimsuit, and into sweats. There is nothing like the feeling of sweats on my damp skin. And the secret of not wearing undies (FREEDOM!) made it all that much better.

Back to today. Back to the rain and Coda. My friend Brit introduced me to the idea of “no show” socks for mary janes. Stick with me here, I promise it will all tie together. All I wear are little slip-ons. The idea that my toes would not feel like tiny marbles of ice was revolutionary and delightful. Off to Target I went and bought myself a pair. What better day than today, full of Belgian sunshine, to test them out?

These little hidden socks are my adult swim sweats. My guilty little secret hidden in my sexy leopard print flats, keeping my sassy and toasty. The unfamiliar sweep of my jeans on the speckled tops of my feet reminding me that comfort and fashion are not mutually exclusive.

Oh ye lasses in UGGs, trouncing like Clydesdales whilst your toes get soaked thru. Oh ladies in flip flops, slip slopping across the ground. Oh gals in mary janes that are oh-so-practically impractical. Here me! There is a better way! As I sit here supping of my Chocolate Java Porter, my feet sexy AND free AND warm, I am enjoying my nostalgia of damp frozen mornings and current small indulgences as they come.

No matter how silly. How ridiculous. How insane. Enjoy your tiny pleasures. Those miniscure, infinitesimal elevations of your soul. Some days, that’s all you have. And if you allow yourself to delight in the absurdities that make up our histories, life suddenly becomes souch more magical.



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