Consulting Services

Do you know the event, the exact moment, that your paradigm shifted?

In November 2005, fresh out of college, I would never have imagined that a trip to Belgium to visit my parents, who were living there for my dad’s work, would completely change my life. When I arrived after the 12-hour flight my folks immediately whisked me off to the Grand Place and into my hands placed a waffle and a beer (Leffe Bruin, in case you were wondering). That started me on a month-long journey of food and beer that would cause my whole life to change course. Advanced Cicerone, Certified Beer Judge, and Project Management Professional (PMP) are just names given to the 12 years of expertise I have earned through determination, tenacity, and passion.

With my diverse work background, I bring forward skills ranging from the business side with ERP business software, database management, and project management experience to the beer side with sensory, service, events, and media expertise. My history with the industry, contacts, and awareness of upcoming trends puts me in a unique position to not only provide tried-and-true advice, but also to encourage calculated risks with big payoffs.

Some of the services I offer my clients:

  • Staff training
  • Sensory courses
  • Competition beer selection
  • Merchandise selection and design
  • Social media
  • Branding and marketing
  • Writing and editing
  • And more…

You’re not just hiring me, you are hiring my years of experience, my contacts, and my passion for the industry.

I work with companies of all sizes and stages.

Let me help you find that moment for your company – that moment that changes everything.