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guilty pleasures

It’s raining. RAINING. We were just at Mu Brewing and enjoyed our beers with the shriek of the tornado sirens serenading our stay. We have moved on to Coda Brewing and it is still raining. I love this weather. Gloomy, chilly perfection. My heart lives in Seattle, it appears. Days like this remind me of […]

The Bruery is splitting brands

From an email sent out The Bruery Society members earlier today (6/4/2014): The Bruery™ is excited to announce the formation of Bruery Terreux, a new brand that will focus solely on farmhouse-style ales fermented with wild yeasts as well as oak-aged sour ales. The Bruery’s original brand, will rededicate its focus specifically on experimentation with […]

a wee little follow-up.

In my review “a plethora of pilsners“, I reviewed five pilsners produced by Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company in Englewood, Colorado. One of these beers I was not too kind to (I believe the word “harsh” was used) was the German Pilsner. Well, the beauty of Saint Pat’s lagers is that they are lagered in the […]

it’s brew year’s eve, dammit.

Okay. I need to rant. When did the universe collaboratively decide that April 7th is suddenly “National Beer Day”? I mean, I love me a good beer-centric holiday, but April 7th is ALREADY a beer holiday. And a much more robust, historically-significant one: Brew Year’s Eve. It’s all semantics, you might argue, but you would […]

down the drain.

In my attempts to indulge in all things beer-related, I am the member of several Facebook groups for beer geeks. On one such group this evening there have been a slew of photos that were, let’s say, out of the norm for the group. One was of a Cran-brrrrr-etta with the caption “Just cracked a […]


Part of what I do as a certified beer geek is travel to breweries and bars and restaurants and festivals and distilleries and liquor stores and under bridges (troll grog is to DIE for) in search for exemplary beer, food, and people (and of course trolls). Sometimes these forays are extremely successful. Othertimes they leave […]

don’t go breaking my heart.

I want to love Lugene. She’s* my kind of gal, afterall. Maybe not my “usual” type, but the one who makes me get a little giggly inside and reminds me of schoolyard flirtations and that time I locked lips against a barn in an idyllic farmer’s field (editor’s note: that never happened). Ah, Lugene, how […]

pinch me.

My passion may be beer, but my first real drunk was on whisky. Dimple Pinch Scotch Whisky, to be exact. A whole bottle of the stuff. I was 14-years-old and spending the night with two of my best friends (and my best friend’s hot older brother and his best friend) under the supervision of my best […]

gifty gifts.

Ah, the holiday season. So many opportunities to express your love for those around you with shameless consumerism. In that spirit, here are some of the gifts I would recommend for that crazy person in your life who just can’t get enough malt, water, hops, and yeast: I bought a package of these little silicone […]

Thanksgiving pairing.

I received a text from a former coworker today. It read, simply: What’s the best thing to get? This would seem rather random to normal, sensible human beings. But for me, I go directly to one of two things: beer or dogs. Since I know this gentleman already has a dog, by process of elimination, […]