animated drunk jokes confuse animated drunks

Posted on: June 27, 2014

First, watch this:



The Bearded Brewer and I just finished watching it. While I have been on the sparkling water (aka sparkly, because I’m 6) all night, the BB is on beer number drunk. The video prompted this conversation:

Beardy: (After a long pause and perplexed look on his face). Why was the chip bleeding cheese?

Me: Because.

Beardy: But why?!

Me: Because that’s what chips bleed!

Beardy: But how do you know? I mean, have you ever met a chip? No. You’ve never met a chip. So you don’t know how a chip would bleed. What if it bleeds salsa? Huh? HUH!? (Meanders off into aggravated mumbling).

And this is what happens when I show the Bearded One a video when he’s been drinking. I’m just sad I wasn’t recording it…

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