Month: September 2014

gabf: so i guess we are here again.

It is that time of year again. That time that is loved by beer geeks the United States over and stressed over by brewers in the same geographic area. The week where US brewers and beer geeks gather to drink, drink, and be merry in the Mile High City: the Great American Beer Festival or […]

10 beers.

There is a fairly interesting/annoying (aren’t they all?) chain status post rolling around Facebook asking people to list the 10 books that have had some sort of influence or left a lasting impression on their lives. If for no other reason, it’s a good way to add to your reading list. But you know what’s […]


I am ready for crisp days and cold nights. For crackling fires and musty books. For food full of earth and cream and spice. For beer that smells of leaves shuffled underfoot. For leaves shuffled underfoot. For high-pitched calls driven by instinct and desire. For the crash and clash of sparring brothers. For the yellows […]