Month: August 2014

beautiful day in the [bier]garden.

I’m sitting here, sharing a table with a homebrewer and a man from Yorkshire, in the biergarden at Golden City Brewery. Their discussions thus far: – Which local breweries have worse beer than his homebrews (most of them) – Virtues of experimenting with brewing (if it’s shite, you can just toss it) – American vs […]

weekend wanderlust august 8th.

Feeling a bit under the weather today after eating some suspicious¬†spicy red hots (the meat, not the candy) last night, but still managed to get some housework done and I actually remembered to write today’s post! I also want to wish one of the craziest beer geeks I know a happy birthday. The Jockey (or, […]

sucky sucky suck suck.

Today at the Day Job was a veritable nightmare. When your customer base numbers in the hundreds of thousands, even a small thing going wrong can be a nightmare. When your entire system goes down on the busiest day of the year – that’s Armageddon. Firey, explosive, putrid Armageddon. But, the upside is, tomorrow is […]