Month: November 2013

November 22nd.

While I do intend to make this blog primarily about beer, there are certain occasions that require comment. Today is one such occasion. As history (or memory) tells us, on November 22, 1963, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a motorcade, sitting next to his wife and sharing the limo with the […]

Thanksgiving pairing.

I received a text from a former coworker today. It read, simply: What’s the best thing to get? This would seem rather random to normal, sensible human beings. But for me, I go directly to one of two things: beer or dogs. Since I know this gentleman already has a dog, by process of elimination, […]

Lonely beer.

Here’s the issue with being with a brewer: despite his best efforts,  he is rarely on time.  If it isn’t knockout issues,  it’s a particularly chatty customer. So,  I spend a lot of time waiting and waiting and waiting.  Sometimes this is at home (yey TV!),  sometimes at work (ugh government drudgery),  sometimes at bars […]

I know stuff.

So I passed my Certified Cicerone® exam. Holy crap. I honestly didn’t know if I would. The amount of knowledge we are expected to have mastered is insane. Feeling unprepared on October 7th and changing my test date from the 11th to the 8th, is insane. Thinking that I was up to the challenge at […]