beautiful day in the [bier]garden.

I’m sitting here, sharing a table with a homebrewer and a man from Yorkshire, in the biergarden at Golden City Brewery. Their discussions thus far:

- Which local breweries have worse beer than his homebrews (most of them)
– Virtues of experimenting with brewing (if it’s shite, you can just toss it)
– American vs British beer (USA! USA!)
– Beer vs lager (or fat guys vs fit guys)
– Best cycling recovery beer (agreement to do further study)

Now they are trying to figure out the best Golden-area vantage point from which to watch the USA Pro Challenge cycling race. So, I’ve tuned out a bit…

Other than my tablemates, I’ve decided that Golden either has an obscene concentration of attractive, in shape people, or all the beautiful people in Golden gather here. Or both.

I’m not used to being ony own at breweries. Or breweries with a bar. I’m attempting to channel my father, who is a professional people-watcher. But I kind of feel like a creeper.

As I said this weekend: never go full creeper.

It’s good, though, to have some time in my own brain, but not all by myself (yes, I totally sang that in my head).

And as I write that, the Bearded Brewer pokes his head out of the brewhouse like some boozy Puxatawny Phil and calls me back. Time to go.

Have a great Tuesday. After all, at least it’s not Monday.


weekend wanderlust august 8th.

Feeling a bit under the weather today after eating some suspicious spicy red hots (the meat, not the candy) last night, but still managed to get some housework done and I actually remembered to write today’s post!

I also want to wish one of the craziest beer geeks I know a happy birthday. The Jockey (or, in his winter form, Honest Abe) is loud, obnoxious, and knows a good beer when he sees one. He’s good people.

This is one of the (blessedly) slower summer weekends when it comes to festivals in Colorado, and without any brewery openings, I plan on doing some non-beer-related stuff. So that means you’ll need to make up for my slacking!

Trouble I am getting into this weekend

August 9th

I believe the Bearded Brewer (who has requested that we find a new name for him as this one is WAY too generic considering the industry, expect a poll at a later date) will be up camping in the High Country with friends. I have opted out of this activity for my sanity, so I will be flying solo on Saturday. As a result, I have no flippin’ clue what I will be doing. Housework? Watching TV in my pajamas? Visiting some Front Range breweries?

Clearly, I am open to suggestions.

August 10th

Fermentation Fest! This is one of our favorite festivals of the year as it combines breweries with a slew of fermented foods from sauerkraut to cheese. My favorite goody last year was sauerkraut juice (yep!) which was so fantastically good that I’m pretty sure I’m still partially pickled. Watch their video from last year and you may spot a familiar face or two…

Other things going on that sound fun as crap

Chain Reaction Brewing is having yoga and beer on Sunday morning from 10:45am-11:45am. $15 gets you the class and a pint. Now, beer and yoga is a traditional combination here in Colorado, so if you are so inclined, I highly recommend hitting them up. If only more breweries would recognize that beer drinkers don’t always want to get up by 9am on a sleep-in day, like Chain Reaction has. If you’re interested, email to reserve your spot.

Winter Park Beer Fest. Honestly, this was in the running for Saturday, but I would hate to go solo (it’s just not as much fun). 30 breweries, music, and you get to escape from the city heat. Unfortunately, it’s out on the asphalt (note to festival organizers: parking lot fests suck hop resin), but it still looks like a good time.

Go forth and wander!

sucky sucky suck suck.

Today at the Day Job was a veritable nightmare. When your customer base numbers in the hundreds of thousands, even a small thing going wrong can be a nightmare. When your entire system goes down on the busiest day of the year – that’s Armageddon. Firey, explosive, putrid Armageddon. But, the upside is, tomorrow is likely to be much, much worse (until I get to go to Guardians of the Galaxy at the Alamo with my friends – at which point it had better be the best damn day ever!)

But enough about that. The Day Job has nothing to do with beer, and we are here for the beer, amirite!?

I know that I have been a massive slacker in posting. Not only have I missed two subsequent weeks of “Weekend Wanderlust”, but I have not done my write-up of Brewer’s Brewers’ Brewers Rendezvous nor of our trip around the state in celebration of me seemingly having survived yet another year. I suck. I’m sorry. I’ve been a bad blogger. I could blame it on so many things: Day Job stress, difficulty blogging from my HTC One, too much beer, pant squirrel racing addiction, Pinterest, closing on the house, Facebook, general suckiness, all of the above. But that’s only part of the story. The truth is, I’m lazy. I am one of those people who is honestly and truly lazy. You would never guess it by my unquenchable desire to travel and experience everything good and weird and tasty in life, but I am just a sloth hidden in chubby ladieswear.

I also noticed that a disproportionate number of my posts are about me writing posts. To which you might respond “How meta!” or “Please stop you boring, boring wench.” To which I might respond “You’re a tool!” or “You, sir/ma’am, could not be more correct!” And thus, my self hatred is enhanced ever-so-slightly more.

But still, I have so many stories to tell. So much to share. I just need to get my shit together and do it. Therefore, please watch for the following posts by the end of the month:

  • Weekend Wanderlust August 8, 15, 22
  • Brewers Rendezvous Recap or Why Too Tall Has Taken Honors More Times Than Anyone
  • Birthday Weekend Rambling
  • Steinley Cup (and why you need to be attending)

See!? See!? That’s six whole posts before the end of August. If the Day Job doesn’t kill me. Which it still might.

All I know is that I’m ready for a beer and a walk and more beer and possibly eating a hamburger with bacon, a fried egg, and two grilled cheese sandwiches for a bun. But mostly beer.

Here’s to surviving.

weekend wanderlust july 19th

Last weekend’s trip to Salida was INCREDIBLE! So incredible, in fact, that I cannot do it justice with a little snippet in a post really devoted to the future (STOP LIVING IN THE PAST, MAN!), so I shall write it up another day. But for teasers:

  • Brewer’s Rendezvous!
  • A broken elbow
  • Cliff jumping
  • Pitching a tent
  • Brewery #250!!!
  • 3 – yes 3 – distilleries!

On to this weekend!

Trouble I am getting into this weekend

July 19th

I will be helping out at Ironwork Brewery‘s booth at the Quaker Steak & Lube in Westminster’s Beer Bash. The winner of the Beer Bash gets to be on tap for two months! If you are inclined to come down and vote for your favorite brew, please do. We participated in one of these for Brewery Rickoli about six months ago and it was fun… weird… but fun. I like it because it introduces a bunch of folks who are really unfamiliar with craft beer to the product. It’s weird because it’s a bunch of people who aren’t really into craft beer. It definitely challenges both the Bearded Brewer and I on being more relatable to a different audience. Which is never, ever a bad thing.

Before we mosey on to Quaker Steak & Lube, we are going to try and hit up Joyride Brewing in Sloan’s Lake which just opened yesterday. I took my Certified Cicerone exam with one of the owners, so I’m really jazzed to stop by and check it out. (Yep, jazzed).

After the event we will be going down to Baere Brewing on Broadway (by TRVE). They opened last weekend and are just a hop-skip-jump from a place for us to crash on any given night, so we are hoping that they are super rad. Given, we hope ALL new breweries are super rad, but unfortunately, too many are popping up under-prepared. But, as always, high hopes and our three-sip rule (I should write a post about that, I suppose).

July 20th

With so much going on this weekend, it was really hard to decide what we would do with our Sunday. I really want to make it down to Living the Dream Brewing after rave reviews from so many, including the Beer Drifter. A Night to Remember is another event going on that not only involves beer, but also supports a great cause. However, Palette of Brews is the only beer fest that happens in our home of Evergreen, and I as I missed it last year to throw a baby shower (sounds just like something I’d do, I know…), I really want to go. It’s a small fest, and it’s clearly not thrown by folks familiar with beer fests (just look at their website and you’ll know what I mean), but the Bearded Brewer really enjoyed it last year, so I’m giving it a go.

Other things going on that sound fun as crap

You know what: there are just so many awesome things going on this weekend, I’m not even going to try and list them. Just go here and read about them yourself.

The only one I will really highlight is A Night to Remember. This event is in honor of Alex Teves, who lost his life in the Aurora theatre shootings. He was a mug club member at Copper Kettle, and they wanted some way to honor him. His passion was working with kids at Humanex Academy in Denver, so they decided to throw a beer fest to raise money for the school. It’s a great event, a great cause, and one that touches both the Bearded Brewer and I deeply. I am a survivor of a mass shooting, so I love that there is an event to honor a victim that focuses on their life and passion, instead of dwells on their death. The Bearded Brewer actually attended Humanex Academy way way WAY back when. Again, if Palette of Brews wasn’t conflicting, we would be there. But we will certainly be raising a glass of stout to Alex on Sunday. You should, too.

That’s it for this week. Hope to see you out there living it up.

Wander on!


weekend wanderlust july 11

I am writing this while drinking beer at Elevation Brewery in Poncha Springs. Why? Because Brewers Rendezvous, of course!

We are in Salida from Friday thru Tuesday. It’s our favorite fest, and we finally got a house on the river! (Thanks jerks who cancelled on us, by the way).

Anyway, this is pretty much it for the weekend because BEER!

You can follow me on Instagram (@misslupulin) or untappd (beersherpa) or Twitter (@misslupulin) or Facebook (Miss Lupulin) and I’ll be posting snippits and photos and basic snarkiness.

Love to all. Back to my drink!

weekend wanderlust July 4th

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Have fun, be safe, and try to not burn anything down (especially our forests… please…)

Sorry about no weekend review this week. I had a bout of gastroenteritis and was pretty much miserable all weekend, so I didn’t really feel up to writing. But here’s a quick overview:

  • Visit #2 to Chain Reaction proved solid.
  • The Jockey nearly died eating a potato. Luckily, Too Tall was on hand to save him. Seriously, that happened.
  • Beryl’s Beer (#246) grand opening was a weird mixed bag. Their Wold Bier was good, but otherwise their beers were not ready for primetime. Come on guys it’s okay to wait to open. We will forgive you.
  • Renegade’s 3rd Anniversary party was hot and packed. If I wasn’t on the verge of death, I bet it would have been great.
  • It was nice to see Dustin of The Brewtography Project and catch up. Dustin is my favorite beer-oriented photog, and once he has stuff to sell, you should buy it.
  • Hops & Harley’s new venue was a vast improvement and it seems like it was a raging success for National Mill Dog Rescue. Plus, I got to meet both Harley and Teddy. It was rad.
  • City Star Brewing did a great job hosting Hops & Harley. Not only do these folks brew damned fine beer, they are also ridiculously nice.
  • Berthoud Brewing (#247). Great stories behind their space (basically a bunch of materials from an old Coors traincar), but only two beers on, and neither was any better than a homebrew. Super friendly folks, though, which makes criticism hard. See my comments about Beryl’s.
  • 300 Suns (#248). I can’t say much about the beers as, by that point, my body was in full-out revolt. The Bearded Brewer says that he enjoyed them, so we will go back. Proprietor Dan was very friendly and gave us a behind-the-scenes peek at their operation. I feel bad that I wasn’t my usual sassy self. But imminent death will do that to ya.

Now on to this weekend.

Trouble I am getting into this weekend

July 4th

Avoiding all major roadways – especially those westbound – like the plague. We were up in Estes Park for a wedding yesterday and hit I-70 from Peak-to-Peak around 10:20, and there was complete gridlock on westbound starting well before the El Rancho exit. That is what I call a highway full of nope.

July 5th

It really depends on if it insists on being ridiculously hot still. If so, I’m going to be spending the day laying on my bed, with the lights off, and the box fan pointed at me on full-blast.

July 6th

My guess is that eastbound roads will be as bad, if not worse, than westbound were on Thursday and Friday. So it might be yet another day at home. Geez, this weekend will be BORING.

What trouble are you all getting in to? Anything that will draw me out of my general reluctance to deal with anything hot and/or crowded?

weekend wanderlust june 27 & last weekend wrap-up

Last week I started a tradition of posting our exploits for that weekend in case there is anyone out there (like me) who can be rather indecisive about what to do with those coveted days off and/or anyone who would like to join us in our shenanigans. I also realized that maaayyybbbeee I should do a post-weekend follow-up of everything we did to give some idea of the awesomeness/lamesauce of the weekend. I will try to get this post out by Tuesday each week (yeah, right, like you believe that), but this week it’s all wrapped up into one. Partially because this week has made a valiant attempt at stealing my soul, and partially because the majority of what we did last weekend can be repeated this weekend!

The awesomeness of last weekend

Shakesbeer in Glub!

Friday night the Bearded Brewer, myself, and two of our more beer-loving and adventurous friends attended a performance of Dead Drunk by Shakesbeer at Diebolt Brewing Company. It billed itself as a mash-up of Shakespeare plays and a drinking game. What’s not to love!?

The announcement encouraged us to make reservations, which I most certainly did. To my absolute delight, this is what we found when we arrived:

Reserved D.Adams

Holy fuck, I’m a celebrity!

It was a wonderful table right up front that we bellied up to around 7pm in time to get the drinking game instructions. The instructions ranged from the simple: “when the barmaid cheerseseseses (that’s right, right?) you, you drink, dammit!” to the more geeky: “when you hear a quote from Shakespeare, you drink, dammit!” Now, my compatriots were not necessarily up on their Bard, so they were relying on me to indicate when to drink on those ones. I may or may not have faked them out one (dozen) times.

The play itself was tremendously well written, the prose weaving seamlessly with some of Shakespeare’s more well- and lesser-known quotes. The story was entertaining and just the right amount of time. Even the costumes were entertaining, with one actor (Kevin Fulton) playing multiple characters against the lead’s John Falstaff (Tessa Nelson). Fulton’s Shakespeare was particularly amusing, and Nelson’s Falstaff was in turns hilarious and tragic. They made very good usage of the brewing deck as a stage, and some basic (and old school) “tricks” to change location and character. It was very interactive, as well, almost to the point of melodrama. There was even a point where we all got to peg a character with tennis balls!

My one critique was that when my beer was stolen (yes, my beer was stolen), it was replaced by a (rather warm) wheat. Now, there are very few beers that I am simply not a fan of, and American wheat and hefeweizens fall into that category. Especially when they are warm. However, the wonderful barkeep (whose name escapes me. Please put it in the comments if you know and I will add it!) came up to me after the show and asked how I liked the beer. I told her that maybe she should trade it out for a Mariposa or a bit more robust beer who will stand up to being on the warmer side for 30-some minutes. I have to admit, I liked that. (Oh – and one of my buddies – the Jockey – stole my beer back after a few minutes, so I didn’t have to suffer for long).

I rank it as one of my top five favorite Friday nights of all time (although I do suggest not getting a double IPA for the drinking game, that is just dumb). The show goes on again tonight and Saturday with pregaming at 7pm and the show at 7:30pm. The suggested donation is $5 and it is well worth it!

Dillon Lake Beer Fest and Breckenridge

On Saturday we dragged our butts out of bed to go up to Dillon for the Lake Dillon Beer Fest. It was $30 entrance fee and included unlimited tasters from over 20 different breweries. Our friends had obtained a hotel room about a mile from the absolutely stunning in Marina Park, so we decided to ride our bikes. When I say that I am out of shape, what I mean is that if you roll me down a hill, down a hill is where I stay. In the mile between the hotel and the park, I got off my mountain bike at least five times to walk it up very gentle slopes. Granted, we were a good 2000 feet above our house, and 3500 feet above where we usually roam, but that’s really no excuse. By the time we got to the fest my lungs were ready to quit me for good and go live a life of laughter and joy with my liver. Luckily, I was able to retain all three vital organs and even felt better after the first round of beers. At first we were worried that the wind was going to whip all of the brewery tents into the lake, but the weather passed quickly, and it was soon perfect festival weather: warm, overcast, and slightly breezy. With the beer and the view and the weather, it was just about perfect.

The best part of the fest were the breweries that normally don’t make it down to Front Range festivals that were represented. Kannah Creek out of Grand Junction was there, as were the new breweries Broken Compass from Breckenridge (more on them later) and Butcherknife from Steamboat. One disappointment was the Gravity Brewing didn’t make it up. As I’ve said before, I’m a huge fan of their ESB and was looking forward to having some of their brews. This is the second beer fest where I have seen them listed, but they haven’t shown. It was a disappointment, to be sure.

Luckily, there were plenty of other breweries at which I could drink my sorrows (technically, alcohol is a solution). Broken Compass’ Pepper Pale Ale was very good, as were both the Blonde and the IPA from Butcherknife (I was particularly surprised that I enjoyed this IPA as it is made with a hop I generally don’t enjoy. However, it made me think that I just don’t enjoy the particular combinations I have had in the past. Learn something new everyday!) As always we enjoyed River Runners Pale Ale from Eddyline, the selection from Station 26 (who continue to come into their own, which is delightful), and tried the very strange Orange Cream Stout from Ska, which was the favorite of one of our friends. The beers were poured in proper tulip glasses, which was a departure from the normal plastic tasters we get at fests (and made it somewhat more interesting to get home).


After the fest we rode over to Pug Ryan’s for some grub and more grog. Pug Ryan’s Dead Eye Dunkel is one of my favorites of the style, so I don’t often deviate from that choice when we are there. My ribs were good (although I should have, in all honesty, gotten the steak salad which looked way better), but our friend’s prime rib seriously took the table. He ordered the 16-ounce King’s Cut, but there was no way that steak was only 16 ounces. It had to have been closer to 20. It was massive and very, very tasty. Yes, I stole most of his fat off of it. Flavor!

The ride back to the hotel was MUCH more enjoyable because (A) it was mostly downhill and (B) I was feeling very little pain by that point. The Bearded Brewer was not feeling tops when we got back to the hotel, so our two friends and I wandered down to the Dillon Dam Brewery for some drinks, as it was only 9pm. I have been to Dillon Dam many times before and I have just never been overly impressed by their beers. Their Sweet George’s Brown is decent, but beyond that, they just don’t have anything overly enticing. However, I went out on a limb and ordered their chili beer. It came with a pepperoncini in it (cute), but had absolutely no chili flavor. They also offered an “extra spicy” chili beer for $6 a 1/2 pint. There was absolutely no way I was spending six bucks for a half pint of beer that was likely not even as spicy as Billy’s Chilis from Twisted Pine (and I have been known to spend a LOT on beer). The friend who had consumed the prime rib only a couple of hours earlier proceeded to purchase short ribs with French onion ale soup, because he’s insane. The soup was tremendously good, but the ribs were tough, also, he was full.

On our wander back to the hotel room, we decided to roll down a grassy knoll hill a few times and generally make a bunch of noise and fools of ourselves. It felt great! The Bearded Brewer was still feeling crummy, but slightly sassier, when we returned, so we got to be bitched at for making so much noise until we fell asleep.

When I was growing up, we owned a share in a mountain house in Silverthorne, at the foot of Buffalo Mountain. Some of the absolutely best times of my life were spent up in Summit County. Waking up that morning, with the smell of the mountains and the crisp, clean air (that sometimes alludes us even in Evergreen), brought me right back to that happy place. We loaded up the bikes and headed over to Breckenridge for some breakfast (a very good place called the Columbine Cafe), our friend bought an obnoxious pair of green sunglasses, then we headed over to Broken Compass.

Broken Compass Brewing (#244) is located on the north end of town, a stone’s throw from the Breckenridge Distillery (which we have not yet visited).  It is a really cozy tasting room with a couple of log tables with ski lift seats, four seats at the bar, and a couple of old cafeteria tables that can be pulled out when needed (they were needed). Jason Ford, the owner and brewer, as well as his staff, were all very welcoming, which is not a given in tourist-driven Summit County. We did their whole flight, all of which were solid beers. I ended up drinking a mix of their chocolate porter and toasted coconut stout (choco nuts?) that was excellent. They have a great little brewhouse with one of the best brewery views I’ve ever seen. There’s a part of me that really likes that they saved the view for the brewers, since they are there most of the time, and certainly do the most work. There is one disconcerting thing about this brewery, however, and it’s that they have “clown storage” above the brewhouse, and that said clowns are only corralled by a little half door. Since we did not see any of these clowns (the Bearded Brewer doesn’t count) on our visit, I can only assume that they are tiny little porcelain clowns come to life, which somehow makes them way more terrifying.

Our bellies full of breakfast and beer, we headed over Hoosier Pass to avoid the post-apocalyptic hellscape that is I-70 on a Sunday. The drive up 285 is one that is just terribly pretty, so if you have the time, I highly recommend it.

The top of Hoosier Pass.

The top of Hoosier Pass.

Chain Reaction

A quick pitstop at home was all we needed before heading down to Denver to Chain Reaction Brewing Company‘s (#245) second day open. Their location is along Lipan just north of Mississippi in an area that I believe will see some significant gentrification (for better or for worse) in the next few years, and these guys have gotten in on the ground floor. What’s great is that you can hit up several breweries in a single afternoon in this area, but they aren’t as congested as, say, the RiNo district.

Chain Reaction’s large tasting room is well designed and comfortable. Inside the front doors are two leather sofas that will definitely get a dose of Dev-butt come this winter. The owners Chad and Zack are beer geeks with a dream, and are doing an excellent job of getting there. We were especially impressed with the fact they opened with 16 beers on tap (off of a 1 BBL system!) and that the majority of their beers were solid, if not downright good. I had my second IPA shocker of the weekend with their Lemon IPA hopped with Sorachi Ace hops. This is a hop that I have mostly avoided because of it’s overt astringency. However, in this single-hop iteration, it was fruity and herbal and downright bizarre. Needless to say, I got a pint. I also really liked their barley wine (another shocker). Their creme brulee stout had a good base, but was not quite as round as I would have hoped. If they brew it again, I hope they consider putting a few kegs back for a few months to allow the flavors to really come into their own. We were also delighted to run into a couple of friends we never see and be able to share some beers with them. Chain Reaction, though only a week old, is proving already a neighborhood watering hole. If they continue with the quality of beer and service they are providing, I know we’ll be back.

One last stop on Sunday was Former Future, just five minutes away from Chain Reaction, as our friends had never been there, and we had only been on opening weekend when they had only had two beers left. Former Future has some of the coolest decor of any brewery tasting room, as their bar is made of an old airplane wing and their bar chairs are reminiscent of a 60s lounge. Their beers have greatly improved since they opened, with several that were both delicious and challenging. However, the beer was on the spendy side, and the woman working behind the bar was downright unpleasant to us when we first came in, going so far as to roll her eyes at me when I didn’t immediately know I could raise or lower my chair at will. Of course, once we realized that, we made sure to raise them all the way up so our knees were knocking on the lip of the bar. Take that! She did come back down after we had completed our tasters and ask what we liked, but it didn’t really make up for her initial rudeness. We will probably return to Former Future just to try some more of their interesting beers, but they won’t make the top of our list.

Holy crap, that was a lot of stuff jammed into just one weekend! And that wasn’t even all of it… We also had a lot of fun this week, the highlight being Beer College with Steamworks Brewing at Historians Ale House. We love the guys at Steamworks and it was great to see them on the Front Range and hear some of the history and tech behind some of our favorite beers. But more on that some other time.

Now, what we are doing this weekend! I’ll (probably unsuccessfully try to) keep this short.

Trouble I am getting into this weekend

Friday, June 27th

Nothing. It is lovely and rainy and I took the day off and I’m going to sit in my PJs all day and write and do dishes and laundry and drink beer. Because I want to.

Saturday, June 28th

Beryl’s Beer is opening in RiNo, so we may go down there, which would also give us an excuse to visit some other breweries we haven’t been to in a while. Or we may make the long-delayed jaunt down to the Springs to visit the half dozen breweries we have never been to in that town. However, the Colorado Brewer’s Festival is going on in Fort Collins, so many brewers may be up there. And is a reason we won’t be going to Fort Collins this weekend.

Sunday, June 29th

Hops & Harley! I cannot express how much I am looking forward to this event. This annual event is put on by City Star Brewing in Berthoud and is a benefit for National Mill Dog Rescue. Harley is a little dog with a big dream: to end puppy mills. He was a stud dog in a puppy mill until being rescued by NMDR three years ago. Read his entire story on his Facebook page, it’s worth it. I’m excited about this event because it raises money for an organization that I wholeheartedly believe is important, it involves a brewery I adore, and I get to meet Harley!!! Also, dogs! If you are free on Sunday from 11am-5pm, please PLEASE consider joining us in supporting the important work NMDR does, and have some beers while you do it!

Other things going on that sound fun as crap

I mentioned the Colorado Brewer’s Festival above. This is not one of my favorite fests since it’s usually way too hot, it’s pay-by-the-taster (which is a pain), and they allow munchkins to be darting all over the place and generally being a nuisance. However, a lot of people seem to like it, so if it sounds like your kind of fun, then get your rear up there! It’s nice that they list the actual beers that will be poured, as well, so you’re not entirely flying blind.

4 Noses in Broomfield reportedly has a nitro porter on right now that kicks some serious ass. Considering how good their other beers are, I would say that this is a safe bet for a quick roll outside of the city.

Red White and Brews is going on up in Avon this weekend for those of you in the Central Mountains and Western Slope. Looks like a nice line-up of beer and wine they’ll be serving alongside live music.

For other awesome stuff going on, get ye to Fermentedly Challenged.